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Good Agricultural Practice

GAP (short for “good agricultural practices) certification is an audit program through which producers can demonstrate their compliance with food safety requirements to International Purchasers and Retailers.
Historically, GAP certification has been out of reach for many small and mid-sized farms and beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers because of the price. We are now introducing  a long-awaited alternative option, wherein all our farmers will now get Certified.

How does VCF AFRICA help me get certified?

Since it has been a challenge for many farmers to even imagine the idea of getting individual certification. We have introduced a Program  which allows all farmers , existing or aspiring, to participate in a multi-site certification program.
Under this program farmers are required to plant Soybeans in summer or Wheat in winter. Farmers will be guided into compliance through our Multi-site QMS.
This Program is currently running in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe .
It will help Small and Medium even Large Farms to get connected to GAP programs and begin their journey as Global Farmers.
It’s a rare opportunity to be GAP APPROVED in a short period and at ridiculously  low fees.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Being GAP certified does not necessarily increase produce prices, but it grows the market size for the producer, opening up access to formalized global markets. Prices improve with organic and green practices which is where we want all certified farmers to grow into. Herein some of the answers to your questions around GAP certification.

What are the benefits of being GAP certified?

  • Minimize risk of food borne diseases .
  • Get recognized by high end food distributors and customers .
  • Gain access to virtually all global markets.
  • Protect the environment and safe guard the well being of your soils, water sources,farm animals, plants and workers.
  • Gain access to international training, information and lines of credit, insurance and guarantees.

What production areas can be GAP certified ?

  • Crop
  • Livestock
  • Aqua Culture
  • Logistics
  • Packaging and processing facilities
  • Agribusiness Consultants 

How do i get certified?

You can either get certified as an individual or as multi site without QMS or as an out grower under a QMS. Either way, there are basically 5 steps to be followed

  • Implement a food safety and traceability plan.
  • Book an audit
  • Perform a self audit
  • Note all amendments 
  • Get your results

Examples of Good Agricultural Practice?

Although looking like a mountain climb especially for small holder farmers. Good Agricultural Practices are a necessary and ethical mode to ensure food can be produced, packaged, transported and delivered to ultimate consumers through safe ans traceable means. Hence the following examples.

  • Protect the environment at all times.
  • Clearly mark or label all facilities in the farm or production area.
  • Emergency health plan e.g. provision of first aid kits, sick bay, periodic checkups for all, hygiene facilities, displaying emergency numbers etc.
  • Record keeping.
  • Adoption of efficient technological systems.
  • Adhering to staff compensation plans religiously.
  • Being loyal to financial commitments such as loan repayments.

Why is food safety important ?

Food safety and sanitation is an essential part of the food industry as much as it is important to have the food available in the first place for it would be fatal to solve hunger problems with poisonous food.

  • Protect consumers.
  • Protect employees.
  • Maintain and grow markets.
  • Reduce government health bill.
  • Essentially increase your revenues translating into profits.
  • Avoid a product recall at all costs as this may knock out your cash flows and threaten the life of your business. 

Why is traceability important for food ?

When you do good you want everyone to know, when you do bad everyone wants to know who did it. For that reason GAP certified producers want their customers to be able to separate their products whose safety is guaranteed from others.

  • Ascertain the origin of products, ingredients, and their attributes from farm to fork.
  • Preparedness of the whole value chain in case something goes wrong.
  • Traceability improves speed of response when something goes wrong.
  • Being able to follow back something to the root cause helps prevent recurrence.