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Information Systems

Our Farm Management Information Systems (MIS) solutions go beyond simple farm record keeping systems to, comprehensive Farm Management Information Systems (FMIS).  In response to the need for communication and data transfer between databases, and to meet the requirements of different stakeholders, we have developed an interactive web-based system. A USSD and Mobile App Based Extension System, Mobile & Remote Irrigation Control System. We will be introducing an AI Android to support farmers 24/7 in 2019, and we are investing in a 5G compatible IoT program that will revolutionize farming for all our farmers.  

Production Guidelines

Our Production Guidelines cover the practices that coincide with our production contracts. These guidelines include a list of crop protection products that are approved for use by our end use customers. Also included are topics such as planting rates, disease & insect control, and cost guidelines and revenue projections

Extension Services

Our Extension Officers work with our out-growers to in guiding them through the production guideline, find solutions to challenges and issues they face.  These Officers are also responsible for Training Farmers.


Our Internal Extension Team comprises of

  1.  Field Administration Officers
  2. Contract Managers
  3. Quality Control Officers
  4. Technological Based Officers

Our External Team of Officers is made up of

  1. Supplier Support Officers
  2. Buyer Support Officers
  3. Government Officers

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