the future is green


There are four ways in which you can support our work.

Key Projects: Water Development

Africa has the potential to boost agricultural productivity by at least 50 percent over the next 5 years, which has been a challenge since food production on the continent is almost entirely rainfed. The area equipped for irrigation, currently slightly more than 13 million hectares, makes up just 6 percent of the total cultivated area.

Value Chain Farming Africa’s 10 Year Strategic Goal Number 2 is to significantly promote and facilitate investments in irrigation infrastructure onto about 240, 000, 000 hectares. This will translate into Value Chain Farming Africa’s 10 Year Strategic Goal Number 1, to turn about 48,000,000 farmers into G.A.P certified commercial farmers. Most of of our Shareholder Investment is directed at this multi-billion dollar goal, through acquisition of more borehole drilling machines. Our affordable borehole drilling product, which we have since engaged into overdrive, will not only provide irrigation water but will provide the farmers and their employees with the much needed clean and safe drinking water.

Farmer Financing

If you partner us through the Financier, Credit Suppliers or Buyers’ windows we really appreciate your support for our farmers. However, we understand that you are in business to maximize return. We will not only ensure that repayments are settled where and when they are due, but we will also make sure that you achieve your organisational or individual qualitative goals by maximizing impact as well. Through our Farming As A Business QMS, we guarantee that your investment will be directed to its intended use and pursue your desired goals.

Value Chain Farming Africa has a very commercial approach in its operations as its sustainability depends on the success and growth of the farmers. To hedge against uncontrollable risks, we not only shy away from rain fed farming systems where the risk is too high, but we also utilize any available insurance products to protect all our investors’ value. To further protect your investment, we encourage our farmers to invest into immovable properties, insure their assets, and diversify their investment portfolios. For produce buyers, we understand that, your main business is not in the repayment of your investment but in the produce you intend to buy for your other markets. For that reason, we offer our farmers an intensive on the job training and support them with a 7 skills private extension team that includes field administration, quality control, technological support, inputs   expertise, market specifications, policy control amongst others.