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In a Nutshell, Value Chain Farming Africa is in the business of market driven contract farming. This means we offer produce off-take contracts to farmers based on markets we have secured  around the world including within African nations. Our farmers will begin their journey in farming fully aware of who is going to buy their produce, in what quantities, qualities, and at what prices.When one signs up with us, they are given a 5 year production plan, which is backed by off-take agreements not withstanding anomalies outside the company’s control. The clear production pattern is  married to the farmer’s cash flow projections, affording them a bankable business proposal which they can use to justify their decision to commit their time and resources to farming and sometimes to source for finances. 

By consolidating the agro-produce market value chain we have opened the window for all farmers  to unanimously participate in the global formalised markets. Our in-house brand, Alternatiewe Foods (Pronounced as Ari-ta-ne-ti-vah Foods), is responsible for amalgamation of our small out-grower produce into major contract supplies.

The brand also breaks the major supplies into different buyer requirements, where multiple buyers participate in a single production circle for the same crop. Unlike brokerage firms, the brand doesn’t maximize its return at the expense of out-growers. It uses the lowest value as the standard farm price as long as the range can accommodate its operational costs and low return appetite. However, where farmers are not involved in the market specific packaging or processing, the Brand will put its mark-up based on its prevailing business strategy.

Using Value Chain Farming Africa’s Food Safety and Traceability QMS, all our farmers can cost effectively and efficiently supply produce that meets global good agricultural practice requirements. This has opened huge market opportunities for our farmers who would ordinarily find it steep and cumbersome to pursue GAP certification and participate in modern markets that are enormously sensitive to food safety and traceability issues.

We virtually participate in all national, regional, and international markets through our strategic partnerships with some of the world’s largest produce and food movers, processors, distributors, and retailers.

With Climate Change and the El-Nino factor, it has become difficult for farmers to depend on rain fed farming, hence we are extensive on our approach to irrigation development. We offer an affordable borehole drilling product that allows farmers to own and access a sustainable water source at farm level.

We understand how difficult and costly it is for individual small holder and beginner farmers to meet the quality requirements of more sophisticated global markets. Hence, we also support our farmers with an information platform. The information platform includes Farming As A Business training, a QMS that promotes food safety and traceability for their GAP certification requirements, and a private extension team.

Our drive for technology is second to none. We are quick to adopt any efficient form of technology that comes to our disposal. From a Mobile Compatible Automated Irrigation System, Drone technology, USSD and Mobile App based communication systems, contemporary smart tractors and mechanically intelligent implements. We embrace all that can make our farmers’ work more efficient and cost effective.

Where farmers do not have enough personal resources or assets to promote their journey into gap certified commercial farming, Value Chain Farming Africa also assists in sourcing for finances. By developing a bankable business plan and helping our clients to select the most idle funder, chances of farmers getting funded are increased by 50%. However, all fund applications are subject to financiers approval, and that’s a probability hope to keep increasing everyday. We are fully resolved in ensuring every funded farmer, regardless of where they come from. We are committed to them eventually seeing the light of agribusiness success and to them religiously servicing their finance repayments and to creating enough growth capital from their retained earnings.

 By bringing produce markets to Africa’s Small Holder Farmers, we are also creating a sustainable market for a tonne of products and services. The banks will soon discover a new mortgage and vehicle finance market, tech companies will soon see mobile apps being downloaded pinging from unusual towers, movie theaters will set-up shop in the middle of what used to be nowhere.  A real Internet of Things (IoT) begins with integrating everyone into the next century of life. We can not afford to leave anyone behind anymore, and none of us should afford to be left behind ever again. 

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