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Need Water in Your Farm?

By becoming a part of Value Chain Farming Africa, you have come to the right place. Water Development is Our second most important pillar after securing markets for farmers. We believe reliable water is the key to production as markets are to the business itself.

We help you access and pump water for your farm from either reserves of groundwater, or from rivers or bodies of stored water. We promote reticulation to crops and animals by piping, flooding, via channels, as a spray or our most preferred option i.e. drips systems for crops. 

We are determined to achieve 240 million hectares of irrigated land over the next 10 years. This will see around 48 million farmers getting an average of 5 hectares of irrigated land. 

The value of water cannot be minimized.  Water is one of the most fundamental parts of the global economy. It has been shown that in areas without healthy water resources or sanitation services, economic growth cannot be sustained. In this regard we don’t only pursue to develop irrigation water, we also aim to ensure our farmers have clean and safe water to drink. Running water for their toilets and hand wash areas.

Running water is also developed around the packaging areas to ensure fresh produce get proper cleaning before being packaged and dispatched off the farms.  

Our Water Development Services

Although we support all types of Water Systems,We are more focused on Borehole Drilling & Drip Irrigation Systems

Water Source Development

We assist farmers in getting water into their farms. We provide affordable Borehole Drilling services as our major water source development program. We also support river or dam based water source development. Where canals are feasible, we promote their use as well.

On average, 80 percent of the fresh water withdrawn from rivers and groundwater is used to produce food and other agricultural products. Farm water may include water used in the irrigation of crops or the watering of livestock.

Pumping & Reticulation

We support sustainable pumping solutions. Reticulation systems from boreholes, rivers or dams to reservoirs. Field or production house reticulation.

Our most preferred field reticulation, is the drip irrigation system, it is sustainable in saving water and an efficient fertigation system. We offer remote controlled drip system, where one can switch it on or off from any where in the world using their mobile phone or through a web code. The system generates irrigation reports that are available to Value Chain farming Africa Office on demand.

We also support plumbing services into production houses for poultry, piggery, mushroom, and aquaculture ponds and artificial dams. 

Storage & Treatment

We support development of plastic, steel, and concrete reservoirs. Where necessary, we also support water treatment projects for salt or sewerage water into clean irrigation or consumption water. 

Our Borehole Drilling Packages

Our Standard Borehole

(100 – 150m Depth)

18m/Steel Casing or 100m/PVC Casing

Cash Plan


25% Deposit Plan


balance payable from production income


10% Deposit plus Stop-Order Plan

USD5000.00 Deposit Plus USD94.84/Month for 12 Months

balance payable from production income

Zero Deposit plus Stop-Order Plan

USD142,25/Month for 12 Months

balance payable from production income

Zero Deposit Plan

Currently Available to Vulnerable Persons Only (Management Decision is Final)

balance payable from production income

Community Plan

Communal Boreholes and Group Schemes

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